2023 Vintage

Sequoia Capital
Agile & Elastic Network-as-a-Service Simplifying Connectivity for Enterprises — Graphiant provides a next-generation networking service that addresses the explosion of costs and complexities associated with enterprises’ exponentially growing bandwidth needs.
Norwest Venture Partners
Next-Generation Mobile Positioning System — OneNav utilizes the modernized L5 signaling band from navigation satellite constellations to provide accurate & reliable GPS for smartphones, wearables, and IoT tracking devices.
Sequoia Capital
Sustainable Pod-Based Coffee Brewing System — Brewbird is building a proprietary coffee machine that makes it simple to grind and brew high quality pour-over coffee at the push of a button — with the world’s first backyard compostable pod.
Lowercarbon Capital
Made-to-Order Custom-Robotic-Built Jeans from a 3D Body Scan —Unspun is developing AI-powered robotic 3D weaving technology to automate precision apparel manufacturing, making ultra-sustainable & custom-built jeans from a 3D iPhone scan, perfectly designed on your digital model.
Two Sigma Ventures
The World's 1st Prototype-to-Scale Metal 3D Printing Service — Freeform is developing groundbreaking additive manufacturing technology for producing high-quality metal parts. The company’s 3D-printing solution leverages an array of 18 lasers, advanced optimization software, and real-time measurement and monitoring systems to manufacture dimensionally accurate parts at scale.
Minerva AI
AI-Enabled Anti-Money-Laundering Compliance SoftwareMinervaAI is building an AI-powered anti-money laundering (AML) platform to improve the speed and accuracy of AML compliance for financial services firms while reducing high labor costs.
Nest Health
Hybrid Primary Healthcare for the Whole Family —Nest Health is a hybrid (in-person home health + telehealth) primary care company focused on whole family care for the Medicaid population (low-income families).
Founders Fund
Generative AI-Powered Personalized Coaching & Advice — Delphi is building an AI-powered platform that can learn how to think and give customized advice like prominent thought leaders by training on publicly-available content by the world’s greatest experts in each domain.
Menlo Ventures
AI-Powered, Gamified, and Personalized Smart Fitness SystemKabata is building an AI-powered, gamified, and personalized smart fitness system. Kabata’s vision is to make home fitness effective, compact and most importantly, accessible. Rather than starting with bulky machines — such as mirrors, bikes, cables, and barbells — the Kabata team is tackling the market through a compact and accessible form: the dumbbell.
Primary Venture Partners
AI-Powered Operating System for Sales Managers —Starting with a data aggregation platform for sales and go-to-market teams, Rhythm is aiming to build an AI-powered, data-driven coaching and performance management platform.
Crosslink Capital
Affordable, User-Friendly Drones for Public Safety + Military Use — Darkhive develops autonomous drones for public safety and military personnel designed to be scalable in cost, deployment, and management.
Morningside Group
3D Manufacturing of Biodegradable Clay-based Products — GaeaStar is developing robotic additive manufacturing technology to automate precision manufacturing of sustainable, clay-based disposable products to replace single-use plastics in our everyday lives.
Khosla Ventures
Automating Financial Analysis Work with AI — Arkifi is building an AI-powered automation and thought partner platform for the finance industry, allowing companies and financial institutions to automate the manual “grind work” of financial modeling and analysis.