2021 Vintage

Real-Time Event Detection System — Dataminr’s unique AI system detects digital patterns in emerging events and critical information from billions of daily public data signals to help corporations monitor real-time events and aid in crisis response.
Frore Systems
An Entirely New Way to Cool Trillions of Processor Chips — Frore Systems is solving fundamental performance inhibiting constraints of compute platforms through MEMS solutions. Still in stealth, the company provides micro mechanical technology that allows computational devices to improve performance by revolutionizing heat dissipation.
“Business-in-a-Box” Platform for Independent Brick-and-Mortar Businesses — Odeko’s vision is to become the one-stop software solution to digitize all the demand (front-of-house), operations (middle-of-house), and supply (back-of-house) needs for independent brick-and-mortar businesses.
Luminous Computing
Photonic Chips: Computing Using Light — Luminous seeks to deliver game-changing 1000x improvements in all three key aspects of AI computing: energy, throughput, and latency—multiple areas of applications with massive volume potential.
Loft Orbital
Foundation Capital
Satellite as a Service, An Orbital Version of SaaS — SpaceX has made private, commercial space real. Loft solves the immediate need for satellite-as-a-service to deliver efficient outsourced logistical and management solutions for satellite deployment.
Stoke Space
Liquid 2 Ventures
Space Flight as Cost Effective as Airplanes — Stoke’s smaller rockets will be capable of daily flight and fully reusable, a stark difference from the current players. The focus on quick turnaround times will further reduce costs. At scale, Stoke will deliver payloads to orbit at 20x lower cost than today’s rockets.
Mighty Buildings
Khosla Ventures
3D-Printed Homes and Buildings — Mighty Building’s proprietary material and 3D printer/robotic finishing technology are superior in function to existing concrete 3D printers and superior in price to existing prefabricated housing companies.
Autotech Ventures
Smart Traffic Enforcement Powered by AI — Hayden AI’s technology allows cities to enforce traffic and other laws through cameras deployed on its fleets, such as buses, police cars, street sweepers, garbage trucks, and more.
High-Performance Material Manufacturing for High-Volume Products — ARRIS is an industrial engineering company providing next-gen composites for mass-market applications including aerospace, automotive, sports, and consumer products.
Flock Homes
Box Group
Index Fund for Rental Properties — Flock Homes converts individual rental properties into fully-passive, diversified shares in a pool of houses. Flock helps rental property owners retire from being landlords. The company offers low-cost, tax-advantaged, hassle-free way to get and keep all the benefits of owning rental properties without any of the burdens.
Builders VC
SaaS for Home Renovations — Eano is a construction-tech company that is creating next-generation platform for home renovation. Their automated project management software will, at scale, evolve into a marketplace matching homeowners with contractors for home renovation projects.
Elementary School in a Box — Prenda is a completely new take on school. The company helps teachers run state-of-the-art K-8 microschools in their home or other informal spaces. Today, the model has grown to 400 microschools with 3,700 students, and it’s generating $16 million in annual revenue.
Ribbit Capital
100% Cloud-Based Payroll + Software Built for Companies in Latin America — Runa is a modern, cloud-based payroll and human resources software built for companies in Latin America. Companies can manage payroll, human resources, time tracking, performance management and reporting all in one platform.
Threshold Ventures
Employee Benefits Through an App + Charge Card — Benepass is a global platform that flexibly distributes benefits and non-salary compensation through a physical and virtual employee VISA card coded with all employer benefits.
Club Feast
General Catalyst
Hyper-Efficient and Cost-Effective Meal Delivery Service — Club Feast is a restaurant delivery app that provides stress-free, pre-scheduled corporate food delivery for 30% less. The company helps businesses bring their teams together and provide "food-as-a-benefit"!
Social Capital
Completely Autonomous Drone Delivery — Skyways is creating the next generation autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle for cargo delivery. A Tesla-esque, software-centric approach to building autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles (drones). Cargo-focused to derive data & learning, evolving to human transport by 2025.
Kindred Ventures
The Uber of Freight Management by the Managers of Uber Freight — Isometric Technologies, Inc. (ISO) is the first collaborative performance management solution for the global supply chain industry. Founded by Uber Freight founders to solve the problem of providing logistics professionals a way to digitize and better manage their systems and performance.
Zhen Fund
Cultured Meat for the China Market — CellX is currently in R&D phase to develop technology to grow edible meat directly from animal cells — using 99% less land, 99% less water, and emits 96% less greenhouse gas than traditional farming methods.
Bessemer Venture Partners
Financial Insights API — Developers and data scientists use Pave to connect their data sources and retrieve clean & unified insights into their consumers' spending habits, bills, earnings profile, and account health. With its API technology, it will make it easier and cheaper to analyze risk, score leads, and make personalized recommendations.
Goodwater Capital
Live 1:1 Classes Teaching K-12 Math Through Code — In Strive’s live 1-1 online classes, students code games and visualizations that are aligned to their school math syllabus; in the process, students learn the most valuable skill in the 21st century: coding.
General Catalyst
Integrating Wellness Data on One Platform — Terra is developing an API platform to make it easier for developers to access fitness and wellness data from devices such as Fitbit, etc. Using Terra’s APIs, developers can develop apps on top of fitness and wellness devices by accessing data such as daily activity, workout, biomarkers, and more.
The List
Andreessen Horowitz
The World’s First Luxury Social Commerce Platform — The List is the world’s first luxury social commerce platform. The company is building a platform that combines a global, luxury e-commerce marketplace with social network functionality to transform how consumers buy luxury products and engage with brands.
Cowboy Ventures
P2P Cross Border Payments — Palla enables instant P2P payments from the US to other countries. Sending and receiving remittances today is slow, time consuming, and inconvenient for all parties, as it's a mostly cash-based process. With Palla, senders in the US can do it in a few taps of their phone and receivers get their money in seconds.
Nano Technologies
Goodwater Capital
Income Streaming Solution for Southeast Asia Employees — Nano Technologies (Vui) is an income streaming solution for Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Nano’s solution—initially delivered via an app (called “Vui” in Vietnamese)—allows company employees to be paid on demand (e.g., daily) by lending against an employee’s earned monthly wages.