2022 Vintage

Valor Equity Partners
Defense Products with a Software Heart — Anduril provides AI-powered security products and solutions to defense organizations. Products include long-distance-flying drones, surveillance towers, drone defense systems, and more.
Andreessen Horowitz
Allowing Blockchain Networks to Talk to Each Other — LayerZero is building the core messaging protocol to power cross-chain communications between blockchains. The company is building a trustless protocol that lets users send tokens or any kind of message in a single transaction across apps that live on different chains.
Foundation Capital
The AWS for Engineering Talent — Turing’s AI-based platform makes hiring quality remote engineers across the world as simple as spinning up servers through AWS. It leverages ML/AI to find talent, evaluate their skills and company fit, match them with companies, and help manage production to ensure fit.
Gecko Robotics
Founders Fund
Robotic Crawlers and 10,000x Better Data for Maintaining Critical Infrastructure — Gecko Robotics provides a suite of wall-climbing robots to carry out industrial inspections and a cloud-based data platform to enable customers to manage their infrastructure.
Stoke Space
Liquid 2 Ventures
Space Flight as Cost Effective as Airplanes — Stoke’s smaller rockets will be capable of daily flight and fully reusable, a stark difference from the current players. The focus on quick turnaround times will further reduce costs. At scale, Stoke will deliver payloads to orbit at 20x lower cost than today’s rockets.
General Catalyst
Viral All-in-One Event Planning Platform — Starting with weddings, Joy has built an intuitive and personalized platform to handle all aspects of your big day, providing website design/hosting, gift registries, guest management, online event hosting, planning, collaboration and other tools.
Threshold Ventures
5G Base Station-on-a-Chip — EdgeQ provides a fully-integrated hardware and software stack that delivers the world’s first 5G base station-on-a-chip. EdgeQ is pioneering a converged connectivity and AI platform that is fully software programmable.
Forerunner Ventures
Earn Credit While Merchants Save on Credit Card Fees —Catch is a payments and loyalty platform that allows consumers to pay for online purchases directly from their bank account and earn a minimum of 5% in store credit from each store for each transaction.
Cybersecurity Visualization Platform Reducing Company Cybercrime Risk by 90% — Balbix has created a revolutionary Cybersecurity Posture Automation platform to ingest trillions of data points from thousands of systems and uses 100+ AI/ML models to detect, quantify, and mitigate cyber risks at a system-level.
Khosla Ventures
Anti-Aging for Dogs — Loyal is the world’s first consumer and anti-aging animal pharma company, with the core thesis to increase a dog’s healthspan and lifespan by delaying the onset of age-related diseases.
Redpoint Ventures
AI-Powered Camera System for Businesses — Spot AI is the simplest way to move video security to the cloud making it easy to see, search, share, and manage all security cameras across all  business sites. Works with all existing camera brands, installs in minutes, and requires almost zero IT work to get it up and running.
Long Journey Ventures
The AWS and Shopify for On-Demand, Automated Work — Magic is building the future of automated work with a platform to get high-quality work done rapidly by qualified workers, leveraging proprietary technology and overseas labor pools.
Sozo Ventures
Data That Moves at the Speed of Startups — The first crypto-powered, incentive-aligned social network, powered by the world's best professional database for startups. Social tokens let people invest in the career of others.
General Catalyst
#1 Software Solution in the Ketamine Treatment Space — Osmind is the leading software solution for practitioners of legal psychedelic-assisted therapy, helping the industry revolutionize healthcare for 14M+ people with treatment-resistant mental illnesses.
GGV Capital
Serverless Database for Developers — Neon is the first open-source, fully-managed, multi-cloud Postgres as a service. Neon separates storage and computation to make on-demand computational scalability possible through its cloud-native storage subsystem which essentially is a serverless version of Postgres.
Pantera Capital
New Era Homeownership for Millennials and Gen Z — Earth is creating a distributed housing collective for the remote-working generation: own one home, live flexibly between many places. Its D2C sales platform sells furnished homes online and has a reservation system to coordinate the network of the homes post-sale. 
Andreessen Horowitz
A Decentralized Wikipedia, Powered by a Dataminr-like AI — Golden is building the world’s knowledge engine. With a vision to equip the world with deep and easily discoverable knowledge on over 10 billion topics to create leaps in advancement and innovation, Golden uses AI and natural language processing to extract information from news, websites, and public databases.
Magic Eden
Electric Capital
The eBay and Amazon for Digital Assets and NFTs — Magic Eden is building the premier marketplace for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) and digital collectibles. focused on offering affordable NFTs that are accessible to the mass market, as opposed to competitors which have traditionally been focused on high-value NFTs on Ethereum.
The Next Generation of Wearable Neural Interfaces for the Mass Market — Combining the latest breakthroughs in the field of neuroscience, AI, and hardware, Wispr AI is creating the world’s first wearable devices that will literally read our minds — enabling us to control machines with our thoughts. 
Era Software
Foundation Capital
The First Time-Series Database Built for Machine Learning and Anomaly Detection — Era Software helps modern IT and security organizations eliminate operational complexity and innovate faster with unified access to observability data.
Vector Flow
AI-Powered Physical + Cyber Security Oversight — Vector Flow is the industry’s first AI-powered, data-driven, cyber-physical security automation platform that automates security for people, places, and things by unifying access control, alarms, and event management with real-time workflow and data.
Pantera Capital
The Stripe and Shopify for Digital Assets and NFTs — Rarify is a developer platform for companies to participate in the world of digital assets (NFTs). The company offers a host of API products for traditional “web2” companies to create, offer, sell and manage NFTs for their end-customers, without needing expensive “web3” infrastructure and developers.
Andreessen Horowitz
The Robinhood for Startup Investing — Stonks is a social-first, live platform to invest in startups. By aggregating the thousands of startup demo days done every year—hosted across hundreds of accelerators—onto one platform, retail investors can now invest in a live, engaging, and social way.
AIM Intelligent Machines
General Catalyst
Robot Excavators and Bulldozers — Fully-autonomous construction and earth moving machinery to unlock planetary-scale infrastructure projects.
GSR Ventures
Teen Mental Health in an App — Limbix has created the world’s first prescription digital therapeutic and mental health treatment delivered over software for adolescents suffering from depression symptoms. Their first digital therapeutic, SparkRx by Limbix, is available for licensed healthcare professionals to offer to patients nationwide
Free Agency
Talent Agents for Tech Professionals — Free Agency is creating the next generation of hiring platforms that puts the job candidate, rather than the employer, at the center. It’s bringing Hollywood-style talent representation to the rest of the business world through its tech-enabled talent platform and network of certified talent agents.
General Catalyst
Out-of-the-Box Tournament and Betting Infrastructure for Games — Triumph is building a software developer kit (SDK) that allows game developers to easily embed tournaments and betting into their games, in a few simple lines of code. Triumph’s SDK handles tournament hosting, matchmaking, payment, arbitration, and compliance with no additional configuration.
The First Consumer Neobank for Africa — Umba is a digital bank for emerging markets. Aiming first at Africa, its mobile app gives customers a free checking account and other free services in contrast to the generally high-cost barriers found among traditional banking institutions in African countries.
Learn to Win
Norwest Venture Partners
High Performance Micro-Learning Platform — Learn to Win is a micro-learning platform to unlock and disseminate tacit “last-mile” knowledge within teams and organizations. The company’s platform makes it easy for line managers to codify role and company-specific knowledge and deliver it via bite-sized lessons for employees.
Forta Health
Insight Partners
The Teledoc of of AI-Enabled Vertically Integrated Care — Forta is building the world’s leading AI-enabled vertically integrated care delivery system, providing in-home ABA therapy for children with autism with professional therapists, and revolutionizing patients’ diagnosis, therapy planning, care delivery, client support and billing/finance journey.
Initialized Capital
The First AI-Powered Manicure — Clockwork is revolutionizing the beauty industry by offering the world’s first fully-automated manicure. Targeting a $61B market, its proprietary AI-powered robotic console can complete a manicure in 10 minutes for $10 dollars. 
A Personal Travel Concierge in Your Pocket — Welcome’s mobile app allows users to avoid the time-consuming and difficult trip planning process. The company’s proprietary machine learning algorithms track hyper-local and highly-rated experiences that it then uses to create intelligent travel destination suggestions.
QED Investors
Creators’ Funding Platform — Superjoi is a funding platform for fans to invest in the project of their favorite creators. Through Superjoi, creators—like Logan Paul and Charli D'Amelio—can propose creative projects and raise funding for those projects. In return, fans get a share of the revenues from these projects once they are completed.
Index Ventures
Twitter for Founders + Investors — Pump is building a privacy-centric social network for founder and investor interactions, making it easy for founders to get more from investors with less effort. Posting updates on Pump also helps attract new investors, strategics, advisors, and more.