Jason Mintz

Partner, Chief Technology Officer


I try to automate myself out of a job. Repetition is my enemy and I love using technology to speed up, replace, and generally find better ways to get things done. At MVP, that means taking a data-driven approach to finding the best companies to invest in.

I’ve been on both sides of the VC table. Prior to MVP, I spent my career at a series of startups in ad tech, fin tech, and cryptocurrency.I know what it’s like working with VCs, so at MVP we aim to deliver the highest value to our founders while ensuring we’re the easiest to work with.

I excel at wearing many hats. As a small team at MVP, we all do a little bit of everything, and at my previous startups I’ve worked in roles from engineering and product management to sales and marketing, operations, customer success, and more.

Working at a summer camp helped shape me. There’s nothing like being in charge of a group of little kids to teach you patience, leadership, problem-solving, and confidence — and how to do it all while having fun.

I’m passionate about learning new things. As a kid, I was interested in math and science, and I love discovering how things work. I studied neuroscience in college because it seemed like every week there was a new breakthrough in understanding how our brains function.

I’m small town and big city. I grew up in a small town in Massachusetts, went to college in a small town in New Hampshire, and now live in a small city in Vermont. But in between, I spent 10 years living in New York City. I love the bustle of big city life and the diversity of people and ideas that you can’t find anywhere else. I also relish the community and relationships of small towns and having easy access to lakes and mountains right out my door.

I love to ski. While I may have missed out on my childhood dreams of being a professional ski racer, I still ski in a weeknight race league and get out on the snow as much as I can.

At MVP, we value independence and default to trust. We’re a small team that does a lot of work and has better things to do than micromanage one another. We’ve put together a team of people with diverse backgrounds and sets of knowledge, and thrive because we trust one another to each do our part.

Two of my passions are food and traveling. I love exploring new places and eating my way around the world. I take trips as often as I can, and would always rather explore somewhere new than go somewhere I’ve been before.

Success hinges on building great relationships. I’ve been fortunate to know and work with incredible people throughout my career, and I constantly look for ways to grow my network and to provide more value to the people already in it.


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