Gray Kinsella

Partner, Chief Portfolio Officer


I learned the value of relationships from my mom. She worked for the Red Sox and would often host clients for games and bring me along. Seeing her in this way taught me the importance of getting to know the people you’re doing business with at a deep level.

I got my work ethic from my dad. He’s a chef and owns a cooking school that I spent a lot of time working at as a kid. While it wasn’t always fun, I learned to not shy away from hard work and how difficult it is to run a business of any kind.

My superpower is that I’m a great connector. I love understanding what people care about and making connections to others that have a meaningful impact on realizing their goals.

The one thing you should know about me is I pride myself on being thoughtful. Whether it’s learning about a new business or offering advice to founders, I ask a lot of questions to understand where people are coming from and how I can help them be successful.

As a kid I had three dreams. I wanted to start a company, run for office, and write a book, all of which I still hope to accomplish!

I’m inspired by great food. Growing up around the culinary industry, I have a deep appreciation for where food comes from and love using it as a way to bring people together and explore new cultures.

Before joining MVP I worked at Andreessen Horowitz and Quorum. I’m incredibly privileged to have had both a masterclass in value-add venture capital investing and experience scaling a bootstrapped startup from the ground up. There are many lessons I learned from each that I apply to my work at MVP.

Humility is important to me. Having an ambitious vision is important, but it’s better to let your work speak for itself than dress it up as something it’s not or be overconfident about what you don’t know.

I love working at MVP because of the team and opportunity. Everyone’s intellectually curious, entrepreneurial, and invigorating. Plus, establishing the firm as a tier-one co-investor, a new but much needed category in venture capital, is an incredibly exciting challenge.


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