Nick Darracq

Partner, Investor Relations


I always had a desire to be a U.S. Marine like my father. I grew up on his crazy stories traveling the world and experiencing exhilarating moments in modern history. My dad was part of the forward operating unit of US Marines that went into Iran in 1980 when the embassy in Tehran was taken over and he also served as a U.N. Advisor helping train the Isreali Air force in the 1970s.

I’m an introvert at heart despite having spent a majority of my career in customer-facing roles. I enjoy interacting with others in my job and have a consistently busy social life, but it can be extremely draining on my energy levels — I have to take time to be on my own to recharge. My ideal day is taking my dog for a walk, cooking great food, and hosting a dinner with a small group of friends.

I’m passionate about learning in my career. I believe once you stop learning, you stop progressing. It is one of the reasons why I love being involved in venture capital. Every day I’m learning and being exposed to new businesses and technologies that are being built to solve problems in today’s world and it is crazy to think what the world could look like in 50 years. 

The variety of individuals that I get to speak with on a daily basis is what gets me excited everyday. The function of my job is fairly consistent but every interaction with our limited partners and prospective investors are never the same and it's always exciting to see how the day will unfold. 

I admire the founders of the companies MVP invests in for their ability to see a vision of the future that is different from today. I always wonder what the future will look like, but I admire their ability to say, the future should look like this and I’m going to build a company that brings that vision to life.

I bring a background in scaling sales teams to MVP. I spent the last nine years at DocuSign, a fast paced high growth tech company where I was a successful individual contributor and leader having scaled multiple sales teams across commercial, enterprise, and public sector sales. MVP is still a small firm and my extensive experience allows me to help scale the firm to reach our goals while doing so in a thoughtful way towards our limited partners.

It is no secret that there is a massive wealth gap in our society. MVP’s mission in providing top tier institutional-grade venture opportunities to the individual investor is a small step in helping the wealth gap become smaller.

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