Kate Beck

Director, Communications


As a child, I wanted to be an artist and an author when I grew up. I even used to cheat to make sure I drew the artist card in “The Game of Life” board game. Now as I spend my days designing and copywriting, it makes me smile to think I’m actually living my Game of Life dreams. 

I’ve walked 500 miles across Spain. In 2019, I fulfilled a long-time dream to walk the Camino de Santiago, a 1000+ year-old pilgrimage from the Great Pyrenees to the western-most region in Spain. It was one of the most challenging, exhilarating, and life-changing experiences and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. 

I love being exposed to new ideas every day. Learning about all the different ways the companies we work with are trying to solve the world’s problems is inspiring and humbling — the future is being made better right now by those who choose to believe it’s possible. It reminds me that there is always more to learn, discover, and imagine.  

I am certified to teach high school English in Washington State. I changed directions after student teaching, but one of the reasons I wanted to teach is I love getting others excited about the things I believe in. Turns out communications and marketing is pretty similar. Now, instead of getting 14-year-olds stoked about Shakespeare, I’m helping get founders and investors excited about MVP’s mission and our incredible portfolio companies out there changing the world — which is also a much easier sell.

A phrase I try to live by is “work hard and be nice to people.” It’s simplistic and over quoted, but it makes the world a better place. One thing I love about working at MVP is I feel like each team member embodies this philosophy fully — and it’s amazing what a small, motivated team of really great people can do. 

I am inspired and motivated every day by MVP’s mission. MVP is making top-quality opportunities in venture more accessible to a wider audience while flooding our portfolio companies with value. I am honored to be a part of the stellar team that’s paving a new path in the industry. 

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