Isabella Araujo

Principal, Investor Relations


I am excited to bring great investments to my clients. I've worked in finance for over ten years now; seven of those in client-facing positions. Being in close contact with investors and helping them make sound financial decisions are keys in my profession. MVP’s top-tier deals enable me to do just that.

Change excites me. Venture capital allows me to be part of something bigger than myself. Some of the startup ideas being funded now will be come major breakthroughs in a few years time, and I'll be a part of it.

All deals start with trust. It doesn't matter how great a deal is, it will succeed only if all parties involved develop and maintain a trusting relationship. As a VC, we strive for long-lasting relationships with both our Portfolio Companies and our LPs.

I've moved more than 15 times in my life. Living in eight cities in three different countries helps me understand the importance of diversity, perspective taking, and empathy. It has been extremely helpful in my career in understanding how to work and build high-performing teams.    

Easy is boring. If a task is easy and simple it usually won't get my attention. My motivation comes from working on complex problems that will enable me to learn something new.

Hard times helped me grow. Recently, I've faced one of the greatest challenges in my life and it helped me improve in many ways. But most of all I've learned to be thankful, even when things don't go as planned.

Team sports are a great way to create bonds. I am a huge fan of beach volleyball and while at Stanford, some classmates, their partners, and I formed a team and played in student tournaments.

Part of where I'm going is knowing where I come from. My grandmother left Europe at 15 years old as an orphan and built a beautiful family in Brazil. I constantly remind myself of her story as it gives me strength to pursue new challenges.

I'm very curious and eager to learn. One of my mantras is:"everyday is a good day to learn something new." Working in VC, I'm always in contact with new and interesting ideas that inspire me to want to know more.


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