Cecilia Ng

Partner, Talent


I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and moved to the US when I was five years old. My parents, who are from Hong Kong, always prioritized my brother’s and my education and future, and wanted us to be able to build our careers in “the land of opportunity.” I feel very fortunate and grateful for the sacrifices my parents made to pave the way for us to have the access and privilege to choose where  and with whom we want to work.


My parents taught me the importance of a good work ethic. My father always said, “Don’t worry about doing extra work, because you will ultimately benefit from what you’ll learn doing it.” I’ve always taken this advice to heart, and have seen it manifested time after time throughout my career.

I am passionate about connecting with people. Working with the right people will allow you to solve any problems, big or small. I love being in a role where I have the opportunity to bring amazing, like-minded people together, and then see the amazing products they build, and the deep impact they make. 

I’m always excited to learn more about the entrepreneurs we work with and the incredible companies they’re building. It’s such a huge feat to get anything from zero to one, and having a front row seat to these ambitious visions and purpose is incredibly humbling and gratifying. Being able to make any level of contribution is an honor as these folks continue to think through how to solve the world’s biggest challenges.

I believe a combination of humility and hard work are core components to success. There will always be something new to learn no matter how much of an expert you are in a particular space. Being open to learning and intellectually curious will allow you to see things from new angles and give you the ability to iterate and improve. I have never met a successful person who does not spend a lot of time and hard work honing their craft.

I chose to work at MVP because of the incredible team here. Everyone is extremely talented and amazing at what they do, but most importantly, they are great partners to collaborate with. When something needs doing, everyone rolls up their sleeves and gets it done. Despite full schedules and lots to do, they still make time to share their knowledge and insight. The team has a tremendous amount of respect for one another and every conversation and exchange is carried out with thoughtfulness.

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